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"Lifetime Healthcare for Families"

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Petals Family Clinic

Petals Family Clinic if an offering under Petals Health Services, to extend the care we provide to Women, to all members of their Family. Because women put the health of their family above their own needs. Over the years , our experience with women has made it clear that Care for Women is incomplete unless it encompasses care for their family.

Petals Health has dedicated Family medicine experts to provide Total Whole-Person care for your Family's health needs of throughout their lifespan. Total Family Care goes beyond Sick Care and encompasses all aspects of Care That includes : PREVENTIVE, DIAGNOSTIC , CURATIVE , PALLIATIVE and REHABILITATIVE Care

Families under the Care of Family Clinics have greater health advantages.

  • better management of chronic diseases
  • reduced overall health-care costs
  • higher level of satisfaction with their care
  • significantly improved health outcomes
  • Live longer and healthier lives

Why Petals Family Clinic

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    Centrally located Family Clinic with Qualified Family Medicine Specialist

  • speciality family clinic near me

    Convenient availability hours (10 Am to 6 Pm Monday to Saturdays)

  • family multi speciality clinic near me

    Access to Doctors from other Specialties and health care professionals like Nutritionist, Professional Counselors under one roof for Total Care

  • speciality family clinic in kolkata

    Doctors are Easily accessible both physically and online

  • family multi speciality clinic in kolkata

    Home Blood collection, Online Reports and Review consultations to minimize clinic visits

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    Home visits by Family Doctor when required

  • top family multi speciality clinic

    Vaccination Services for children and adults

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    Tie up with Specialist doctors for Consultation/Hospitalization and coordination

Dr Shazia Tazeen, Family Medicine Specialist

Our Family Clinic is uniquely positioned to promote good health in a family via continuous health monitoring. A Family Medicine Specialist can not only diagnose and treats minor illness in the family as well as monitor chronic diseases through frequent follow-ups. It is these follow-up visits that help in the Continuous health monitoring of the family.

As a Family Medicine Specialist, I am qualified to provide continuous care and long- term health monitoring for every member of your family. Keeping track of your family’s health for the long term means early detection of potential health risks, starting preventive care early, and switching to more specialized care before it is too late.

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What do Family Medicine Experts do?

Family Medicine experts are the first point of contact for all the primary healthcare needs of your family. While pediatricians look into children’s health and Internal medicine look into adult health, a family physician is able to do both giving them some advantages:

  • They are aware of the different family members and their needs according to their age and health conditions .
  • They can often predict any probable disease condition on the basis of their knowledge about the past medical history of the different family members.
  • They focus on preventive cure and early detection via routine check-ups and appropriate vaccination.
  • The help patients navigate the health care system with patients and when necessary coordinate with specialists and hospitals for more specialized care and follow-up
Needless to say, Our Family doctors also have the strategic advantage of detecting a serious condition that may require specialized Care early and referring you to a Specialist when required. Usually only 1 in 20 consultations require a Specialist referral.
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Children Adolescent
(10 – 19 years)
Adults Elderly
Cough and cold Lifestyle diseases such as PCOS in girls High blood pressure Arthritis
Fever Hormonal disorder such as Thyroid disorder Diabetes mellitus Heart disease
Allergies including conjunctivitis Tonsillitis Obesity Thyroid disorders High blood pressure
Tonsillitis Underweight or stunted growth Menstrual disorders Diabetes Mellitus
Childhood Asthma Anaemia and other Nutritional deficiencies Pelvic infection Constipation
Rash with or without fever Menstrual disorders Asthma and COPD Osteoporosis
Problems related to growth and development Eating disorders Obesity Respiratory diseases such as COPD and Pneumonia
Diarrhea and vomiting Mental health disorders such as depression Heart disease Alzheimer disease
Lice and nits Addiction and Substance abuse Depression Frequent Falls
Worm infestation Teenage Pregnancies Fever Cataract and other problems related to vision
Ear infections Suicidal attempts and self- harm UTI Hearing loss
Dental problems Sexually transmitted diseases Breast lump Stroke
Food intolerance Tumor in the uterus and ovaries Cancer
Behavioural disorders Addiction and substance abuse Oral health
Cancers Mental health disorder such as Depression

Our Services

Petals Family Clinic is focused on providing the best medical care to your family. We offer a range of clinical and complementary services to ensure Total Family Care for each member of your family.

Diagnosing and treating illness :

  • Routine check-ups – Helps identify any early signs of health issues and start Preventive Care.
  • Health-risk assessments- Family history and lifestyle factors contribute to increased risk of disease. Our Health risk assessment helps identify if you are at risk of any condition by screening tests
  • Family Wellness – personalized counselling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • ADD/ADHD-We offer initial evaluations and medication management.
  • AWC – Annual Wellness Checks
  • Anxiety & Depression – We screen for mental health concerns early and often. We offer anxiety and depression evaluation and prescribing for paediatrics and adults.
  • Asthma & Allergies – We can diagnose and treat allergies if you are sneezing, have a runny nose, or coughing.
  • Breastfeeding- We provide breastfeeding resources and provide guidance on routine breastfeeding questions and concerns for new moms.
  • Chronic Conditions- We manage Asthma, Heart disease, Stroke & Hypertension, Diabetes, thyroid disorders, Cancer and many more.
  • COPD – Early diagnosis and preventive and palliative Care for Breathing related problems. Diabetes Mellitus- provide comprehensive care for lifelong diabetes management, including coordinating with other specialists.
  • Fever & Sick Visits – Fevers can happen overnight. We have same-day appointments for high temperatures, chills, rashes, sore throat, dehydration, or other sick symptoms.
  • Obesity – We can provide consultation to prevent problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes due to obesity.
  • Mental Health – We are here for your mental health and wellness needs. We provide anxiety and depression evaluations and prescribing.
  • Telemedicine – We offer the convenience of a visit with your provider through your phone or another camera-enabled device without having to come to the clinic.
  • Vaccinations- We offer the full range of vaccinations necessary for healthy child growth recommended by the CDC.
  • Injuries & Procedures – We provide treatment for acute injuries, test for concussion, and prepare treatment plans. We can also provide wart removal, skin lesion excision, mole biopsy, and other minor procedures.


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Jyothi Gupta

PCOS Program

Petals Health offers a Multi-fold PCOS program that covers Symptomatic Care, Weight Loss, Physical Training, Nutrition Guidance, and Emotional Counselling under the guidance of experts from respective domains and gives you a personalized holistic treatment plan.

top speciality womens clinic

Miss. Kajari Bose

Myoma Treatment

Being a patient of Dr. Smita Gutgutia I will definitely recommend this clinic. The most valuable part of her treatment is to make you stress free at the very first moment. Then she explains every possible solution to treat you. Best doctors treat psychologically as well and ofcourse she is one of the kind.

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Mrs. Sabra Sarwat

Antenatal Care

A very well-maintained clinic, a very polite staff, and the doctors are the best. Dr. Smita Gutgutia is just great, she is very polite and listens to the problems, and explains everything in detail when asked.

best woman clinic near me

Mrs. Darshi Singh

Antenatal Care

Clinic was very clean. Staffs were helpful and efficient. And 5 stars to Dr. Smita Gutgutia . She is the best.

top womens speciality center

Mrs. Komal Mehta

Post Delivery

This is my 2nd time with Dr. Gutgutia. As always, she is a fab doctor with a positive warm smile. Loved the clinic it’s nice to clean and well-maintained. The staff is very helpful and very quick service.