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"Lifetime Healthcare for Families"

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About Petals Health

Petals Health is your friendly neighborhood clinic chain that aims to provide Family-Centric Quality Care to help families lead a healthy life. As a Speciality Primary Care Clinic, we serve as the first point of contact for all the primary healthcare concerns of families, be it seasonal infections, management of chronic conditions, routine health check ups and preventive screening backed by expert medical care of our panel of multi-speciality doctors. Most India families are comprised of members of different age groups from children to young adults,  people in midlife and senior citizens, each having  unique healthcare needs and require multiple interactions with many healthcare professionals, multiple prescriptions and testing through out the year. We are here to help the key decision-makers in a family who, as primary caregivers, may have trouble managing the yearlong health concerns of a family be it booking multiple specialist consultations, or keeping track of  multiple prescriptions, changes in medications, scheduling preventive health screenings and follow ups. At Petals Health, we are ready to partner with you for a lifetime of care and support for your family and you.

Our Specialities

We specialize in providing Total Health Care for your Family's long-term health care needs

Year-round Personalized and Dedicated Women's Health Care for women of all Ages.

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Advanced Obs/Gyne Imaging that is designed for diagnosing complex women's health issues with experienced Radiologists and with the help of Top-of-the-line USG Tech.

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Experienced Medical Practioners and Family Medicine Specialists, a wide network of Multi Specialty Visiting Consultants, Nutritionists and Psychologists as well as supportive medical services to help address your Family’s yearlong primary care needs

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Elevate your beauty with our advanced aesthetic dermatology treatments. Expert solutions for skin and hair care to enhance your natural appearance.

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Our Services

Doctor Consultations

A panel of full-time and visiting consultations from multiple specialties to provide general consultations, specialist consultations routine screening, and preventive health check-ups. This means your Family’s everyday healthcare needs can be handled under-one-roof. Consult our Panel of Experts Online or book a Clinic Visit at your convenience.

  • Gynecologists and Obstetricians
  • Pediatricians
  • General Practitioners
  • Family Medicine Specialists
  • Diabetologists
  • Lactation experts
  • Nutritionists
  • Psychologists
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Imaging Services

In Women’s Healthcare top-notch Imaging technology empowers Gynaecologists and Obstetricians to efficiently diagnose and deliver tailored treatments. 

At Petals Health Clinics, we provide premium Imaging that is designed for women’s health with GE Voluson E10, a top-of-the-line premium 4D OB/GYN ultrasound machine, and some of the best Radiologists in Kolkata manning the machine. This combination of Medical expertise and state-of-the-art USG technology with superior diagnostic capabilities to manage complex cases makes Petals Woman and Child Care a truly exceptional service at Petals Health Clinics.

Specialized Imaging Services that cover:

  • Advanced Gynecological Imaging
  • Advanced Fetal Imaging and Fetal Diagnosis
  • Neonatal Imaging
  • Specialized Small Parts Imaging
  • Arterial and Venous Doppler Imaging
  • Musculo Skeletal Imaging
  • USG-guided Procedures
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Home Blood collection

We are partnered with Kolkata’s leading Labs for end-to-end Diagnostic solutions. Once you consult with our experts at the clinic. Our end-to-end digital care solutions make primary health care accessible from the comfort of your home; from Online doctor consultations, Home Blood Collection, and report delivery to scheduling an in-clinic appointment our connect team will coordinate with you every step of the way.

  • Book a consultation (online/ offline)
  • Get e-prescription
  • Order home blood collection and report deliver
  • Digitalised reports are delivered as soon as the tests are done.
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Book your Vaccination

Offering Pre-booked vaccination service to cater to the vaccination needs of all members of the family from pediatric vaccinations to adult vaccinations

  • Consult our Paediatrician/family medicine specialist
  • Get a personalized vaccination schedule
  • Book Vaccination at the clinic
  • Online consultation and Home Vaccination Service coming soon.
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Personalized Petals Health app.

Petals Family Medicine App serves as a shared repository of your family’s health records between your family and our panel of experts allowing us to extend our Medical care and provide additional value-added services at the touch of your finger. With individual medical records of family members linked to a single profile, the app that can help record and track the personalized health plan for each member of your family making it easy for you to track :

  • Your appointments and follow-ups.
  • Health screenings &  vaccination scheduling and reminders
  • View medical notes and prescriptions
  • Reports updated to the app
  • Video consultations with doctors
  • Test and Service books
  • Chat with our care managers
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Get to Know Our Team of Experts

Petals Women’s Clinic

P30/1, VIP COMPLEX, KANKURGACHI, KOLKATA, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054

Petals Woman’s Clinic
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Petals Family Clinic
Rawdon Street

11 A , Sarojini Naidu Sarani, Rawdon St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Petals Woman’s Clinic
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Petals Family Clinic

93, Manick Bandopadhyay Sarani, Moore Avenue, Kolkata-700040

Petals Woman’s Clinic
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Why Choose Petals Health as your Family's Health Care Partner?

We provide comprehensive 360-degree Primary care Services catering to all members of the family Under One Roof as well as referral access to secondary and tertiary health care.

If you are someone who needs to make all the key health decisions for their family, having one Family doctor who knows the health history of the entire family and one primary care clinic that offers all the primary health services is a blessing in disguise. Why go to multiple doctors and keep track of multiple family members’ medical records when we can do it all for you in one place?

Studies have shown that families that enlist with primary care clinics experience:

  • better management of chronic diseases
  • reduced overall health-care costs
  • higher level of satisfaction with their care
  • significantly improved health outcomes
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Jyothi Gupta

PCOS Program

Petals Health offers a Multi-fold PCOS program that covers Symptomatic Care, Weight Loss, Physical Training, Nutrition Guidance, and Emotional Counselling under the guidance of experts from respective domains and gives you a personalized holistic treatment plan.

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Miss. Kajari Bose

Myoma Treatment

Being a patient of Dr. Smita Gutgutia I will definitely recommend this clinic. The most valuable part of her treatment is to make you stress free at the very first moment. Then she explains every possible solution to treat you. Best doctors treat psychologically as well and ofcourse she is one of the kind.

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Mrs. Sabra Sarwat

Antenatal Care

A very well-maintained clinic, a very polite staff, and the doctors are the best. Dr. Smita Gutgutia is just great, she is very polite and listens to the problems, and explains everything in detail when asked.

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Mrs. Darshi Singh

Antenatal Care

Clinic was very clean. Staffs were helpful and efficient. And 5 stars to Dr. Smita Gutgutia . She is the best.

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Mrs. Komal Mehta

Post Delivery

This is my 2nd time with Dr. Gutgutia. As always, she is a fab doctor with a positive warm smile. Loved the clinic it’s nice to clean and well-maintained. The staff is very helpful and very quick service.

Tailored Health Programs

Structured Health Programs curated by our experts, tailored to your specific healthcare needs, involving a multi-disciplinary approach to provide end-to-end solutions to manage different healthcare needs and chronic issues.

Multi-Speciality Primary Care Clinic

Preconception Program

multi-speciality primary care clinic in kolkata near me

Antenatal Care Program

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Pregnancy Nutrition Program

primary care clinic in kolkata near me

Breastfeeding & Newborn Care Program

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High Risk Pregnancy Management

primary care clinic

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening