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"Lifetime Healthcare for Families"

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Welcome to Petals Health, you’re your trusted partner in healthcare, now extending its commitment to quality primary care to the heart of Tollygunge. Our new clinic in this vibrant neighborhood is poised to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible healthcare services to you and your loved ones.

Petals Health Tollygunge Clinic is an expansive set up of spread over 3000 sq feet (about the area of a tennis court)In the first of our flagship Family clinics with Daycare and other specialized services like X ray, ENT, Dental Care and Day Care OT open 7 days a week.

With over 30+ specialized services and Doctors Polyclinic with 30+ doctors form various specializations this Clinic is set to provide dedicated primary care services all under one roof from 8am to 8 pm.

Key Benefits

  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • 30+ Specialist Doctor Consultations
  • All Health Screenings Under One Roof
  • Zero Tolerance Diagnostic Services
  • Home Sample Collection
  • Smart and Efficient Billing
  • Robust Website and Mobile App
  • E-prescriptions and Digital Family Records
  • Tele Radiology
  • Vaccination Scheduling
  • Fully Equipped Day Care OT
  • Exclusive Membership Benefits and Rewards

What Sets Petals Health Clinics Apart

At Petals Health, we take immense pride in being the pioneers of quality primary care clinics in Kolkata. Petals Family Clinic Tollygunge is no exception and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure you receive the best care possible. Here’s what makes us stand out:

Dedicated Primary Care:

Our clinic is solely focused on primary care, ensuring that you receive the undivided attention and comprehensive healthcare that you deserve. From regular check-ups to chronic disease management, we are here to address all your primary care needs.

Experienced Healthcare Professionals:

Our team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and support staff are experts in their respective fields. You can trust us with your health as we’re committed to providing personalized care, backed by years of experience and training.

Modern Facility:

Petals Health Tollygunge clinic is equipped with advanced medical technology to facilitate accurate diagnosis and treatment. We’ve designed the clinic with your comfort in mind, ensuring a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Preventive Care:

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Our services extend to preventive care and health education, helping you and your family adopt healthier lifestyles and make informed choices for your well-being.

Easy Access and Convenience:

Conveniently located in Tollygunge, our clinic is easily accessible. We offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your busy life. You can rely on us to be there when you need us.

Comprehensive Services:

At Petals Health, we offer a wide range of primary care services, including general check-ups, vaccinations, women’s health, pediatric care, chronic disease management, and more. Whatever your healthcare needs, we have you covered under one roof.

Humane Approach:

We understand that healthcare can be an emotional journey. Our team is not only trained to provide medical expertise but also to offer the support and empathy you need, making your experience as comfortable as possible.

Your Health, Our Priority:

At Petals Health Tollygunge, your health is our top priority. We provide you and your family with the highest quality of care in a warm and friendly environment. Whether it’s a minor ailment or a comprehensive wellness check-up, you can count on us to be your trusted healthcare partner.

Schedule an appointment today at Petals Health Tollygunge and experience the difference in primary care. Your health and well-being matter to us, and we are here to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy.

Petals Family clinic – Service Offerings


  • Cardiology
  • Diabetology
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Lactation Guidance
  • Orthopedics
  • ENT
  • Dermatology
  • Paediatrics
  • Nutrition
  • Psychiatry


  • All Blood Tests
  • Home Blood Collection
  • Health Check Up


  • ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Echo – Colour Doppler
  • 24 hrs Holter Monitoring
  • 24hrs Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring


  • EEG (Both awake and sleep)
  • EMG
  • NCV
  • BEAR Study
  • RNST Study


  • Digital X Ray – all types
  • Ultrasound Imaging


  • All general Ultrasound
  • Musculo Skeletal Ultrasound
  • Soft Parts Ultrasound
  • Renal Ultrasound – (arterial and venous doppler studies)
  • Advanced Gynecological Scans
  • Echo cardiography (pediatric and adults)
  • Color Doppler Studies
  • Fetal Medicine (advanced Pregnancy – Obstetrics Monitoring, HIGH RISK PREGNANCY MONITORING)
  • Prenatal Diagnosis

Petals Family Clinic Tollygunge OPD Doctors list

Dr Name Speciality Degree Timings
Dr. Sankha Subhra Das Cardiology MBBS,MD(Med),MRCP,DNB(cardio) Mon: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. Soma Bandopadhyay Gynaecology MBBS,MD,ARCOG,FICOG Tues/Fri: 06:00PM-08:00PM & 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. Subhra Das Gynaecology MBBS,MD(Obs &Gynae) Mon/Wed & Fri: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Sanjukta Sen Gynaecology MBBS,MD(Obs &Gynae) Wed/Fri: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Seema Surana Gynaecology MBBS,DGO,MS(Obs&gynae) Wed & Fri: 04:00PM-06:00PM
Dr. Sudeshna Saha Gynaecology MBBS,DGO Tues/Thurs & Sat: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. Teesta Banerjee Gynaecology MBBS,MS(Obs&gynae) Mon/Tues & Fri: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Manidip Pal Gynaecology MBBS,MD,FACS Wed & Sat: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Nabanita Dasgupta Gynaecology MBBS,MD(Obs &Gynae) Sun: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. Saptarshi Chatterjee Gynaecology MBBS,DGO,DNB Sun: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Anindya Banerjee Peadiatric & Neonatalogy MBBS,DCH,MIAP Sun: 10:00AM-12:00Pm
Dr. Indraneel Mukherjee Peadiatric & Neonatalogy MBBS,DCH,DNB Thurs & Sat: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Amlan Chowdhury Peadiatric & Neonatalogy MBBS,MD Mon/Wed & Fri: 06:00PM-08:00PM & Sat & Sun: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. Indraneel Saha Dermatology MBBS,MD Tues & Sat: 03:00PM-05:00PM
Dr. Srutee Burman Dermatology MBBS,MD Wed: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. S.K.Bhattacharya General Medicine MBBS,MD(Med) Tues/Thurs & Sat: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. R.K.Pal General Medicine MBBS,MD(Med) Mon & Thurs: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Dipankar Roy General Medicine MBBS,MD(Med) Mon-Sun: 09:00AM-11:00AM
Dr. A.K.Mitra General Medicine MBBS,MD(Med) Wed: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Ajitesh Ghoshal General Medicine MBBS,DA Mon-Sat: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Sunil Agarwal Family Medicine MBBS Mon-Sat: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Ayan Mukherjee General Medicine & Diabetes MBBS,MD(Med),Msc
Tues & Fri: 04:00PM-06:00PM
Dr. Poulasthya Ghosh ENT MBBS,MS(ENT) Tues/Thurs & Sat: 04:00PM-06:00PM & 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee Psychiatry MBBS,MD Tues: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Payel Das Psychiatry MBBS,DPM Wed: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Dr. J.J.Dhara Orthopaedics MBBS,MS(Orth) Tues & Sun: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. Arijit Chowdhury Orthopaedics MBBS,D(Ortho) Thurs: 02:00PM-04:00PM
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Orthopaedics MBBS,MS(Orth) Mon/Thurs & Sat: 04:00PM-06:00PM
Dr. Santanu Chowdhury Orthopaedics MBBS,DNB(Ortho) Mon & Wed: 12:00PM-02:00PM
Dr. P S Mahapatra Urology MBBS,MS,DNB Mon: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Dr. Somnath Dasgupta Nephrology MBBS,MD,DM(PDT) Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat: 06:00PM-08:00PM
Ms. Pooja Rungta Nutrition & Dietetics Msc in Food & Nutrition Wed: 03:00PM-05:00PM

Petals Family Clinic's Staff

Eshani Ghosh

Center Manager

Akash Dey


Avanti Lahiri

Front Desk Executive

Debjani Dey

Front Desk Executive

Moumita Sarkar

USG In-charge

Shilpa Sardar

Patient Care cum Cardio Assistant