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Our Story

  • The problem

    80% of a Gynaecologist’s consultations are Pregnancy and Infertility related.
    For decades in India, people’s perception has been that you see a gynaecologist and obstetrician when you are planning to start a family or have conceived naturally. If you fail to conceive there are infertility specialist you go to. But Pregnancy, or infertility, is not the only issue faced by women.

    Indian women are not comfortable about discussing “women’s issues” openly due to cultural conditioning. Women choose to suffer in silence and due to lack of awareness, Social taboos and the fear of being judged.

    In the last few years, thanks to social media and a new breed of docuflencers there has been a burgeoning awareness among the millennials and Gen Z around issues of sexual health, Menstrual Health, Menopause and Chronic Gynecological issues like PCOS, PID, Endometriosis.

    Today’s Indian Women want to be proactive about their health, rather than suffer in silence, they want to help in managing chronic issues like PCOS, endometriosis etc

  • The idea

    But in spite of the explosion of online information and there are still very few reliable health care platforms that addressed all women’s health issues in one place

    Certain women’s issues may require consulting multi-disciplinary experts. Most Women have less time and resources on their hands. Fear of Multiple Visits, extensive and sometimes repetitive and unwanted tests discourage them from seeking help at the right time

    They turn to online resources but there is lack of valid medically backed and relevant information online

    This is what gave rise to the Idea of Petals Health. We decided to build a single platform where Indian women of all ages can receive consistent and continuous life-long care, and access to primary and secondary health services all in one place.

  • What we offer

    A dedicated Women Centric health platform in Kolkata that addresses all women’s health issues- for women of all ages that offers both sick care, preventive care and palliative care for Women.

    Access to certified doctors and health care professionals from various specialties in one place

    Integrates all Primary and Secondary care services like Online Doctor consults, ordering Lab tests, online report reviews, and vaccinations under one roof

    We provide accurate, authoritative & trustworthy information on Women’s Health to help women understand and manage their health better.

    We also provide Diagnostic services from NABL-Certified labs

    We Have experienced radiologist and fetal medicine experts with 10 + years of specialised experience in women’s imaging.

    Empowering women to take the lead when it comes to family health, by Extending the Care to other members of their family via family medicine and Secondary services. Every Petal’s woman can get access to primary

    and secondary care services for their family’s yearlong health needs like vaccination, testing, to help them manage their family’s health with ease

  • The journey so far

    We have acquired world’s best women-centric USG Imaging Machine – Volution E10 to provide improved diagnostic efficiency in woman’s health and Fetal medicine.

    We have the best Antenatal and Post-Partum Care Program in Kolkata, with 100% of our customers reporting 100% satisfaction.

    We have best ratings in the field of Woman’s Health and Gynaecology in Kolkata

    90% of Women who have consulted us with chronic issues have reported significant improvement in their quality of life.

    We have 100% screening accuracy for breast and Cervical Cancer.

    We have a growing community of women health advocates who are driving change at the community level.

    We are working hard to expand our rich and extensive medical content to cover all women’s health topics.

We are Building The Perfect Team

Our Team is Passionate about our Purpose and committed to uplifting our brand values and fulfilling our long-term Vision - to create a Modern Primary Care Digital health Platform for families. It comprises of energetic like-minded, forward thinking and purpose driven, seasoned professionals from different Health Care Niches, each bringing with them their expertise and perspective to the board. We always believe that a diverse team builds a stronger brand.

The team at a glance

Mr. R.S. Kejriwal


Kaushal Joshi


Dr. Sunil Agarwal

Petals Medical Administrator

Jyotirmayi Banerjee

Business head

Mr Rajorshi Roy

Vertical Head

Baishakhi Sengupta


Aditi Sarkar

Accounts Head

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